Limited Edition iPhone Hard Cases


Infectious has cases! Well, some. This is a limited edition of ten of your favorite designs. So get them quick before they’re gone! These light-weight, low-profile, hard cases fit the iPhone 4 and 4S. They’re made of ABS plastic and use a unique digital in-mold process that makes them chemical resistant and cleanable! They’re even waterproof… without the iPhone of course! And made right here in the US of A. They’re also affordable at a cool $28.99 protect your iPhone in style without breaking the bank. Happy Holidays!

Zombies, Vampires, and Bunnies!


Snatch up these awesome Zombie and Vampire skins before they bite you! We Are the Same by Tony Aguero, Office Zombie by Mr. Rocks, and Vampire from Outer Space by KURONO. Or just go for a cute cuddly Coy bunny by Kelly McKernan.

Vitruvian Phones, Tape Cassettes and Creature Collectives


iSteam-Phone by Kevin Tong

Collective by David Szebenyi

Retro Stuff is Better by Tony Aguero

Congratulations to this week’s Open Submissions winners – Kevin Tong, Tony Aguero and David Szebenyi.

Kevin’s iSteam-Phone design started off life as as an idea tossed between him and his friend Brian. The goal was to marry Brian’s love of the Steampunk aesthetic and Kevin’s obsession with the sketchbook drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. The result? An anatomy class on today’s most cutting edge technological device. If you’re a fan of the artwork check out these related products.

High fives as well to Costa Rican artist Tony Aguero who has recently joined us from the old Popdeck community (check out his I like robots skateboard). His goal is to mess with your mind and deceive your eye by converting your iPhone into a tape recorder with Retro Stuff is Better.

Low fives are also due to Hungarian designer David Szebenyi who also references the old school tape cassette in his zany music-making, wine-swilling monster artwork Collective.

See you in the voting gallery sometime soon!