Limited Edition iPhone Hard Cases


Infectious has cases! Well, some. This is a limited edition of ten of your favorite designs. So get them quick before they’re gone! These light-weight, low-profile, hard cases fit the iPhone 4 and 4S. They’re made of ABS plastic and use a unique digital in-mold process that makes them chemical resistant and cleanable! They’re even waterproof… without the iPhone of course! And made right here in the US of A. They’re also affordable at a cool $28.99 protect your iPhone in style without breaking the bank. Happy Holidays!

Urban Scrawl: Infectious announces the winners of the City Series contest.


For our latest contest we invited our community of artists to creatively interpret major metropolises around the world.

Weathered Wall... by Phillip Danner

Congratulations to our 1st place winner Phillip Danner who drew inspiration from Basquiat and his obsession for the wheat-pasted and graffiti-strewn walls of his NY borough for his artwork Weathered Wall.

SFO by Mike Klay

Catalog artist Mike Klay also came to join in the fun of the design challenge. He grew up outside of San Francisco and wanted to represent NorCal with his design SFO. He explains the dynamic angle of his Golden Gate bridge: “I’m always interested in different perspectives rather then looking straight forward. A tilt of the head to the left, right, up or down can open up a million new possibilities for one’s sense of vision”.

Barcelona by Sven Palmoski

And the judges wanted to give one last shout-out to our other runner-up Sven Palmoski who gives us an illustrated tour of his hometown Barcelona by way of the Torre Agbar and Las Ramblas.

Huge thanks to everybody who submitted their beautiful art and photographs, they were all of an insanely high standard. We hope to see you all again in the voting gallery sometime soon.

Now and Zen: soothing Asian landscapes for your laptops and devices


Leiying Chen chose the English name “Shadow” because of her obsession with creating images of light and dark. This obsession is beautifully reflected in Ink Mountain, her artwork for Infectious. This design is a homage to the traditional Chinese artist Zhang Da Qian’s style of “heavy coloring”, but Shadow takes it to a modern place and infuses it with Western street art influences, to create something truly unique. When she is not working in Ningbo City, China on freelance graphic design jobs, she’s busy painting and creating her own secret brand. You can check out her artwork on deviantART and at

Also new to the catalog this week is Mike Klay’s latest dragonfly design Akitsu Shima. Mike was inspired to create the artwork after reading the Nihon Shoki which chronicles the history of ancient Japan. He says “It mentioned dragonflies, which were called akitsu in those days. The Chronicle says that the first emperor, Jimmu Tenno, climbed a small mountain, gazed down and said, “The shape of my country is like two akitsu mating.” This was one of the events that gave Japan its old name, Akitsu Shima (The Dragonfly Isles).”

We’re constantly looking for beautiful designs to fill our voting gallery and catalog. Share your artwork and the inspiration behind it here.