Zombies, Vampires, and Bunnies!


Snatch up these awesome Zombie and Vampire skins before they bite you! We Are the Same by Tony Aguero, Office Zombie by Mr. Rocks, and Vampire from Outer Space by KURONO. Or just go for a cute cuddly Coy bunny by Kelly McKernan.

Blowin’ in the Wind


This week’s Open Submission winning design Suspension is from the oh so talented Kelly McKernan. The original watercolor piece had string sewn into it and was inspired by a mix tape of songs by Emily Haines, Regina Spektor and  Asobi Seksu. Kelly is an Atlanta based artist who is also part of the Cheap Paper artist collective. She will soon be showing her work at  the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. And for all of you in the ATL, Kelly is currently prepping for a solo show at Beep Beep Gallery. Don’t miss it! Check out www.kellymckernan.com for more details.