Limited Edition iPhone Hard Cases


Infectious has cases! Well, some. This is a limited edition of ten of your favorite designs. So get them quick before they’re gone! These light-weight, low-profile, hard cases fit the iPhone 4 and 4S. They’re made of ABS plastic and use a unique digital in-mold process that makes them chemical resistant and cleanable! They’re even waterproof… without the iPhone of course! And made right here in the US of A. They’re also affordable at a cool $28.99 protect your iPhone in style without breaking the bank. Happy Holidays!

Picture this: new Infectious photo art!


Today we welcome our first photographers into the Infectious catalog.

Brighton-based photographer Abi Massey has been having a love affair with her Holga camera for the last three years. In her work she takes pictures of the ordinary which get transformed into the extraordinary with the light leaks and blurring that are the characteristics of this toy camera. One of her Flickr contacts sums up her photography perfectly: “Absolutely the most nostalgic tone I’ve ever seen from a Holga. And what else could you ask of a photograph, but to remind you of a time you never really knew?” Check out or for more info.

Wilmington, NC photographer Dana Hawley as a penchant for roller derbys. She took this shot of roller girl “Double Barrel Bambie” at the most rocking Laundromat in the world. During the shoot the members of Cape Fear Roller Girls derby team washed their dirty uniforms, had a beer and listened to some live music. Dana also works as the photographer on film sets, including a recent gig shooting stills for the indie hit The 27 Club. You can check out her upcoming projects at or

To other shutterbugs out there, participate in our design competition and we may be making products with your photography next!

Tattoos and Mushrooms


Congratulations to this week’s latest Open Submissions winners DolceQ and Acrylicana!

DolceQ is Massimiliano and Sonia, a creative duo hailing from Rome. Together they create “a sexy lovely world where butterflies, hearts, stars and women live together in a minimal, erotic futuristic style”. The pair work across a huge range of projects that have included a music video for Rockstar, a sketchel bag, Lascivious’ playing card project and the Taschen 2009 calender.

Mary Winkler (aka Acrylicana) wants to wrap you up in her vision of a whimsical world full of fanciful creatures and rainbows. She channels inspiration from pop artists like Peter Max onto canvas, jewelry and clothing and shares them with her fans on deviantART. Besides having her own Youtube channel dedicated to her “sparkly” art, she’s also intends to start broadcasting her own webcast shows where she’ll be creating art live on air with lots of audience interaction. Looks like Obama’s not the only one getting sophisticated with technology…

We add new art into our catalog every week – next time it could be you! Come and join in the fun that is Open Submissions. Our next deadline for your vision of art on a iPhone, laptop, wall or car is Monday 2nd February.

Hello Spaceboy!


Welcome Kevin Tong – our latest Open Submissions winner!

Kevin is based in LA where he creates comics, designs toys and illustrates beautiful rock posters for the likes of The Shins, Jenny Lewis and MGMT. Kevin drew inspiration from Citizen Kane’s snow globe, James Cameron’s movie The Abyss and the space program of the 1970s for his Infectious art. He’s currently getting ready for Flatstock, the rock poster convention in Austin, Texas. If you’re in the area in March, go and show some support at his booth where he’ll also be selling some of his Infectious products. And as an added bonus: check out his interview where Kevin has created a mixtape of his favorite music. Now you can listen to his playlist on an iPhone decorated with his vinyl art (if you’re as geeky a fan as we are!)

Our next deadline for Open Submissions is Monday 26th January. So roll up! Roll up! Come and dazzle us with your art! You can submit it to our voting gallery here.

Natural Selection: Nate Frizzell and Renée Nault win this week’s Open Submissions


We first heard about LA artist Nate Frizzell via our founding artist Blaine Fontana. Blaine told us that we should check out the modern and beautiful way that Nate weaves together birds, trees, masked teenagers and rainbows into his paintings. We loved the art that Nate created for our Open Submissions so much that we asked him to share some of his other pieces that he’s recently shown at Miami Basel and Cerasoli-LeBasse Gallery.

Canadian illustrator Renée Nault creates luscious and whimsical art where she tries to “capture the elusive moments between dreams and waking life”. Her watercolors bleed into her beautifully inked ladies. Lost at E Minor describes her portrait drawings as “full of character. They’re kinda like the best friend you never had.” Besides being featured at the wonderful LAEM website, Renée’s work has also appeared on wonkette and notcot. Her art is currently showing at the Xpace gallery in Toronto.

Want to be the next member of the Infectious family of artists? Then come and join in the fun by submitting some of your art to Open Submissions!