Open Submissions is Dead. Long live the Free4All.

A little news on some tweaks and modifications to our design challenges here at Infectious. As of today, we are killing Open Submissions.

(Don’t know what Open Submissions were? Basically our ongoing design challenge where you could submit any art for any product we did. We would periodically launch winners, usually a handful every month.)

So we are replacing Open Submissions with a slightly new thing called Free4Alls. Why? Well… Open Submissions felt a little too ambiguous. As an artist you never knew if you were a potential winner or not. There was no decisive end to it. Which left everyone in limbo.

So now, we will hold Free4Alls, a design challenge where you can submit any art or design for any Infectious product, just like open submissions. Except now there will be a beginning, an end and explicit winners.

And if you aren’t chosen as a winner, we’ll let you know…. so you aren’t left hanging.

So farewell to Open Submissions. Hello Free4Alls.

Some obvious questions you might have:

Q: Can I re-submit the same design to another Free4All.
A: Sure. If you submit and we think it doesn’t make sense, we’ll let you know.

Q: What are the prizes for Free4Alls?
A: Each free for all will have prizes associated with and posted to the design challenge page.

Q: Will you do a Free4All every month?
A: Maybe. If they rock and you all love them we’ll do more.

One Response to Open Submissions is Dead. Long live the Free4All.

  1. Wanna submit myself and win all the prices

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