Get Infected!

We did something a little special for this week’s launch – we asked one of our favorite artists Ray Frenden to curate it.

Infectious invited him to come up with a theme and to ask four of his artist buddies to create brand new artworks to go across device skins and art prints. No holds barred. Conveniently, he was in the middle of joining a newly formed collective called Falsehorse Art, so they all banded together and dreamed up the motif of “infected”.

The inspiration behind these pieces is, shall we say, diverse… From the adventure films of the 70’s and 80’s, to Smurfs, to Brian Froud’s movie set design on Dark Crystal, to psychedelic cacti, to good ol’ fashioned gore-infested Z-movies.

Check out Ray Frenden’s Infected, Alejandro Fuentes’ Droplets, Drout759’s Dances with Peyote, Miguel Cervantes’ There’s Blood Underneath That Skin and evANIMAL’s Dr. Diablo and the Escape From Infectious Island.

4 Responses to Get Infected!

  1. sebastiaan says:

    This illestration is well done. congrats on that. I also want to submit some of my design in this website but Im not shure how. any one that wants to help me please email me to


  2. sebastiaan says:

    This illustrations is well done. congates on that.
    But I want to submit my designs as well. anyone who would like to tell me how please email me on thanks

  3. Vina says:

    r3wVeQ Good point. I hadn’t thought about it quite that way. 🙂

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