Get Infected!


We did something a little special for this week’s launch – we asked one of our favorite artists Ray Frenden to curate it.

Infectious invited him to come up with a theme and to ask four of his artist buddies to create brand new artworks to go across device skins and art prints. No holds barred. Conveniently, he was in the middle of joining a newly formed collective called Falsehorse Art, so they all banded together and dreamed up the motif of “infected”.

The inspiration behind these pieces is, shall we say, diverse… From the adventure films of the 70’s and 80’s, to Smurfs, to Brian Froud’s movie set design on Dark Crystal, to psychedelic cacti, to good ol’ fashioned gore-infested Z-movies.

Check out Ray Frenden’s Infected, Alejandro Fuentes’ Droplets, Drout759’s Dances with Peyote, Miguel Cervantes’ There’s Blood Underneath That Skin and evANIMAL’s Dr. Diablo and the Escape From Infectious Island.

Turning over a New Leaf


Today we welcome two new pieces to the catalog. Together As One and Chosen Destiny are two artworks recently created by San Francisco fine artist Erik Otto under the umbrella of his collective New Leaf. Erik is currently the Artist in Residence at Recology San Francisco (aka our Dump) where he has been recycling, repurposing and generally making beauty out of our waste. The art and the installation he created during his four month stint is being exhibited this weekend. Check out his blog for details.

Blowin’ in the Wind


This week’s Open Submission winning design Suspension is from the oh so talented Kelly McKernan. The original watercolor piece had string sewn into it and was inspired by a mix tape of songs by Emily Haines, Regina Spektor and  Asobi Seksu. Kelly is an Atlanta based artist who is also part of the Cheap Paper artist collective. She will soon be showing her work at  the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. And for all of you in the ATL, Kelly is currently prepping for a solo show at Beep Beep Gallery. Don’t miss it! Check out for more details.