Old School Naughty, New School Nice

Infectious is a little hot and bothered as we announce this week’s catalog launch from Dennis McNulty. His pieces, titled Zoe 1981 and Medcalf 1981, were inspired by the iconic pin-up artists Zoë Mozert and Bill Medcalf. It all started when a six year old Dennis stumbled upon his Father’s stash of vintage Playboy magazines. Although he was a little unsettled by the photographs in the magazine, he was strangely transfixed by the drawings of pin-up models nestled amongst the advertisements for cars, cigarettes, and bachelorwear. An artist was born and years later we see the fruit of his creative labor with work from his most recent show, 1981 Pervert. With his latest additions to the Infectious catalog, Dennis holds true to the urban inspired aesthetic that he is known for while still keeping us guessing as he expertly combines retro and modern imagery with iconic dames of years past.

One Response to Old School Naughty, New School Nice

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