Jade’s got Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


This week Jade Klara graces us with her winning design Spookasem. Spookasem is an Afrikaans word that translates as “ghost breath”, a fitting title for Ms. Klara’s piece. Her whimsical and transient images seem as light as air, yet they captivate viewers with their strong and adventurous subject matter.

Jade lives in Cape Town, South Africa, where she is currently preparing for her upcoming shows at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Los Angeles in December and at Salon91 Gallery in Cape Town in January 2010. When she needs a break from making amazing art, Jade practices her skateboarding and enjoys the occasional mochi ice cream.

When asked about her art Jade said, “my work is there to create a happy bubble in the pit of your stomach that takes you away from real life things for a little while.” It sure worked on us!

The Final Cut


Back in July we challenged our community of artists to dream up a laptop skin that creatively revealed the glowing Apple logo in our Cut to the Core design challenge. A tsunami of press and purchases followed the launch of the first round of winners, so we decided to spoil you with a second batch of designs that also cut us to the quick.

Congrats to our round two design winners!

Greg Koenig and his glow-in-the-dark design A Little Rusty will shed light on your computer (and your affliction for lovable robots). Greg wanted to “create a piece that integrated the glowing Apple logo, to make it feel that the logo was interacting with the artwork” and what better way than to do it with light…

Ivan Flores brings new meaning to the term apple jack with Jacked In. As is the case with most great designs, Ivan says that he wanted to draw something that he himself would want to see on his laptop. “I wanted to take advantage of the Apple logo light to illuminate a cute sci-fi chic who happens to be wearing headphones plugged into the laptop as if she’s listening to iTunes.”

Mike Klay takes a decidedly cutthroat approach with the clean 45 degree angles of his crossbones in The Rebel. It kind of reminds us of Steve Job’s propensity for flying pirate flags in Apple’s days of yore.

How do you like them apples?