Heart of Darkness

The Gummy Inferno of Leonard's Innards by Kristina Collantes

Golden Afternoon by Gavin Rampling

Felicitations to this week’s Open Submission winners!

Kristina Collantes started off her drawing career sketching lunch boxes in the classroom in Phillipines. Now that she’s a So-Cal native she has graduated onto drawing skeletons, women with animal ears, superheroes with fancy boots and vampires. And she’s very good at it. Her signature “doo-dad patterns” have appeared in GQ magazine and she’s also worked for Family Time Records. For her Infectious design The Gummy Inferno of Leonard’s Innards she drew inspiration from a short story she wrote about a man who stumbles into an alternate dimension where his body turns translucent.

British artist Gavin Rampling’s artwork has previously been compared to “a soft ballad from a balls-out metal band”. It’s a fitting description for his winning Infectious design Golden Afternoon which masks a very rock and roll message behind some very picturesque petals. Check out the rest of his interview here to find out about how Alice in Wonderland inspired his typographically driven art and to read up on his up and coming projects.

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  1. Wonerful! I love how this blog is always updated with fresh content.I made three of my friends subscribe btw,lol

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