Knock on Wood

Happy Logs by DGPH

Squirrel in the Forest by DGPH

From the DGPH design studio in Buenos Aires, Martin Lowentein, and the brothers Vaisberg (Andres and Diego) are supplying the world with whimsical critters that warm hearts and make tummies feel fuzzy. Infectious is happy to introduce two designs by this festive trio as this week’s addition to our ever-growing inventory. “Happy Logs” and “Squirrel in the Forest” will surely make you want to hug your computer. From their humble beginnings working from makeshift design studios in their bedrooms, the boys from DGPH are proof that the sky is the limit. With international product lines that range from books (The Ark Project) to inflatable animals, there is no end in sight for these toy loving illustration buffs. Make sure to keep an eye out for their show at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco next year!

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