Sir Mix-A-Lot


MixtapeMeltdown by Rius

We would like to extend an enthusiastic welcome to our newest open submissions winner Rius. His design, Mixtape Meltdown, is gracing the Infectious catalog and flooding our eyes and hearts with a little bit of that 80’s nostalgia we all long for. This talented designer graduated high school with dreams of becoming a macho hospital janitor, when he found out that he lacked the muscles needed for the job, he settled for art school. We are certainly glad he did.

Based in the Philippines, Rius balances a successful career doing international design consulting while also maintaining a personal art practice. He is currently getting ready for a show opening in January with fellow artists and friends, Jaco Payawal, Mervin Malonzo and Renan Ortiz.

Heart of Darkness


The Gummy Inferno of Leonard's Innards by Kristina Collantes

Golden Afternoon by Gavin Rampling

Felicitations to this week’s Open Submission winners!

Kristina Collantes started off her drawing career sketching lunch boxes in the classroom in Phillipines. Now that she’s a So-Cal native she has graduated onto drawing skeletons, women with animal ears, superheroes with fancy boots and vampires. And she’s very good at it. Her signature “doo-dad patterns” have appeared in GQ magazine and she’s also worked for Family Time Records. For her Infectious design The Gummy Inferno of Leonard’s Innards she drew inspiration from a short story she wrote about a man who stumbles into an alternate dimension where his body turns translucent.

British artist Gavin Rampling’s artwork has previously been compared to “a soft ballad from a balls-out metal band”. It’s a fitting description for his winning Infectious design Golden Afternoon which masks a very rock and roll message behind some very picturesque petals. Check out the rest of his interview here to find out about how Alice in Wonderland inspired his typographically driven art and to read up on his up and coming projects.

Knock on Wood


Happy Logs by DGPH

Squirrel in the Forest by DGPH

From the DGPH design studio in Buenos Aires, Martin Lowentein, and the brothers Vaisberg (Andres and Diego) are supplying the world with whimsical critters that warm hearts and make tummies feel fuzzy. Infectious is happy to introduce two designs by this festive trio as this week’s addition to our ever-growing inventory. “Happy Logs” and “Squirrel in the Forest” will surely make you want to hug your computer. From their humble beginnings working from makeshift design studios in their bedrooms, the boys from DGPH are proof that the sky is the limit. With international product lines that range from books (The Ark Project) to inflatable animals, there is no end in sight for these toy loving illustration buffs. Make sure to keep an eye out for their show at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco next year!

People & Robots: BFF


Playtime by Hammo

Autumn to Come by Tomek Karelus

Firefoxzilla Protecting the City by Robert Podgórski

We teamed up with our friends at Mozilla and challenged our community of artists to create artwork around the themes of people and robots and technology making our lives better.

Thank you so much to all the artists who shared their weird and witty automaton designs. We’ve seen everything from lipstick-applying gynoids, to agile breakdancing Paul Stanley androids, to poker playing, donut guzzling bots. We also spotted a lot of robots with very impressive cod pieces. But we think we’ll just leave it at that… We were deluged with hundreds of outstanding submissions, but these were the designs that tripped our circuits and blew our fuses. Congratulations to our 1st place winner Hammo who takes home a cool $1000 with his design Playtime. Respect to our second place runner-up Tomek Karelus and his Autumn to Come artwork – who is now the proud owner of a Roomba, and also to our other runner-up Robert Podgórski and his pixelated Firefoxzilla Protecting the City.

As you all know, this contest would not have been possible without those good people over at Mozilla Firefox. If you, like Mozilla, sincerely believe in the power of technology, browsers (and robots) to enrich people’s lives, then you should probably check out their newly lauched Creative Collective and help them build a better internet via the power of your art.