It’s a Jungle Out There

A Very Long Journey by Zutto

Junglebook by Ready2Rumbl

"I Did It!" by Zack Madrigal

Tiger and elephants and orangutans! Oh my! Huge congrats to this week’s Open Submissions winners – Zutto, Ready2Rumbl and Zack Madrigal.

Zutto grew up in the Urals in Russia where she used to rock climb the mountains and swim in the lakes. She now translates the idyllic backdrop of her childhood into her personal art, crafting modern day fairy tales like her winning Infectious art A Very Long Journey.

Dutch artist Ready2Rumbl morphs his obsessions with American illustration from the 60s, M.C. Escher and NBA team logos into his design Junglebook.

And Virginia-based graphic designer Zack Madrigal joins the catalog with his jubilant watermelon artwork I Did It! – which was created to fend off an overwhelming desire for a slice of watermelon on a recent scorching hot day.

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