Skateboards and Soju

Muchos gracias to Junko Mizuno for delighting our eye-orbs and tickling our fun-nybone at her recent book signing for Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU Vol. 1 at the New People store. We thoroughly enjoyed reading the book in English (finally!) and experiencing her fan base first hand. One such fan was this well-quaffed individual who asked Junko to sign her Infectious skateboard.


Later, we all hit the Japantown.  Hard. We got our groove on at Do Re Mi where we rented out a karaoke booth for several fun-filled hours. All we can say is thank god it was a private booth! Without revealing too many embarrassing details, we’ll say that there was lots of soju, voice crackling, high kicks, a little Kiss from a Rose and a lot of bad rapping. Next time, you may think twice about missing a karaoke night with Infectious.


4 Responses to Skateboards and Soju

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