DIY Shop Wars!


Picture 2

Join the Infectious crew tonight at DIY Shopwars – a charity event put on by Delicious Drips to benefit Project Open Hand. Local creative businesses were set some homework. We were each given a blank Qee vinyl toy and had to customize it anyway we saw fit. Our CEO Tim gravitated towards Captain Kangaroo, our designer Mikey did some impressive sculptee clay work on the Ultimate Warrior’s hair and our piece de resistance was the Slim Goodbody toy that our Production Manager Dennis meticulously painted. The “Superhero of Health” also comes with his own little custom doll wig. Infectious will be in attendance at the 1:AM gallery tonight along with the crews from Kidrobot, Precita Eyes Muralists et al. All toys will be on sale with the profits going to an excellent cause. Come join in the fun!

Crunch Time


Stepin' the City by Miguel Gonzalez

Poladroid by Graham Carter

Welcome and bienvenido to this week’s Open Submissions winners!

Venezuelan illustrator Miguel Gonzalez (aka M-Ion) is a practicing architect, a career that leaves him with as little time as possible to paint and illustrate. His personal artwork is inspired by his hometown of Caracas, especially El Ávilia mountain. For his winning Infectious artwork Stepin the City, he turns his capital city into a stomping ground for monsters that look like they have been conjured up out of the clods and pollution.

Brighton-based artist Graham Carter is a freelance illustrator by day and a screen printer by night. Graham was one of the founding members of the critically acclaimed London based Peepshow illustration collective and now runs his own gallery called Boxbird. He was galvanized by the discontinuation of Polaroid film to create his Infectious artwork Poladroid.

Check out and for more info.


It’s a Jungle Out There


A Very Long Journey by Zutto

Junglebook by Ready2Rumbl

"I Did It!" by Zack Madrigal

Tiger and elephants and orangutans! Oh my! Huge congrats to this week’s Open Submissions winners – Zutto, Ready2Rumbl and Zack Madrigal.

Zutto grew up in the Urals in Russia where she used to rock climb the mountains and swim in the lakes. She now translates the idyllic backdrop of her childhood into her personal art, crafting modern day fairy tales like her winning Infectious art A Very Long Journey.

Dutch artist Ready2Rumbl morphs his obsessions with American illustration from the 60s, M.C. Escher and NBA team logos into his design Junglebook.

And Virginia-based graphic designer Zack Madrigal joins the catalog with his jubilant watermelon artwork I Did It! – which was created to fend off an overwhelming desire for a slice of watermelon on a recent scorching hot day.

See the light


ReCharged by Jun Nunez

Creative Workflow by Aren Vanderburgh

Back to Basics by Dimo Trifonov

MacMan by Jamal Issawi

We recently challenged our community of artists to craft a laptop skin design that revealed the Apple logo in our Cut to the Core contest. Huge thanks to the hundreds of blue sky thinkers who shared their art. However our hearts have been won over and these are the designs that have earned our adoration and accolades.

Congratulations to Jun Nuñez who nets the first prize of $1000 for envisioning the logo as the flowing heart of a robot. And a big round of applause for our runners up and their creative concepts: Aren Vandenburgh who toyed with the idea that “it is the differences in our execution of design problems that makes our work truly unique” in Creative Workflow, Dimo Trifonov who nods to the retro brand colors of Apple with Back to Basics and Jamal Issawi who visualized the bitten apple as a “powerful symbol eating viruses and overcoming obstacles” in his arcade game-inspired MacMan.

All of these winning designs are now available for your Mac laptop in 13” 15” and 17” sized skins. Let there be light!

What’s up dog?


Unfinanced Love by Sara Antoinette Martin

The Dating Habits of El Chupacabra by Sara Antoinette Martin

We’re proud to welcome Sara Antoinette Martin as the newest member of the Infectious family.

Sara graduated from The Pratt Institute in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and started off her art career with an internship with Tristan Eaton. She then graduated to product photographer at Kidrobot and now works as an artist assisting (fellow Infectoid) Tara McPherson. Her personal “pop surrealist” artwork is strewn with the heads of ladies, flowers, vintage swimsuits, The Abominable Snowman and the odd masonic symbol thrown in for good measure.

Check out her two Infectious pieces of art Unfinanced Love and Dating Habits of El Chupacabra. She’ll also be joining us in SF in October for the Alternative Press Expo. See for more details.

Skateboards and Soju


Muchos gracias to Junko Mizuno for delighting our eye-orbs and tickling our fun-nybone at her recent book signing for Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU Vol. 1 at the New People store. We thoroughly enjoyed reading the book in English (finally!) and experiencing her fan base first hand. One such fan was this well-quaffed individual who asked Junko to sign her Infectious skateboard.


Later, we all hit the Japantown.  Hard. We got our groove on at Do Re Mi where we rented out a karaoke booth for several fun-filled hours. All we can say is thank god it was a private booth! Without revealing too many embarrassing details, we’ll say that there was lots of soju, voice crackling, high kicks, a little Kiss from a Rose and a lot of bad rapping. Next time, you may think twice about missing a karaoke night with Infectious.