Keep Rockin’ the Boat

The High Seas by James Hancock

Forgotten Remains of A Giant Half-Made by Nas Chompas

Congratulations to this week’s Open Submissions winners

James Gulliver Hancock
describes his work as “playful mixed-media experiments with whimsy, charm and darkness”. For his winning Infectious artwork The High Seas he chronicles an epic battle between a ye olde schooner and a mythical sea monster. When he’s not jetsetting between international art residencies around the world, James also spends his time collaborating with his partner musician Lenka and working closely with Poketo creating super-cute art for your wallet and beyond. Check out for more info

Nas Chompas aka James Mitchell, is an artist and musician who normally lives and works in Portland, Oregon, but who is currently on the road with his band Nurses. Check out his winning illustration Forgotten Remains of A Giant Half-Made. If you love his poppy fantasy meets street art style as much as we do, then come along with the Infectious crew to his December show at White Walls gallery, SF. Click through to for more details.

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