Keep Rockin’ the Boat


The High Seas by James Hancock

Forgotten Remains of A Giant Half-Made by Nas Chompas

Congratulations to this week’s Open Submissions winners

James Gulliver Hancock
describes his work as “playful mixed-media experiments with whimsy, charm and darkness”. For his winning Infectious artwork The High Seas he chronicles an epic battle between a ye olde schooner and a mythical sea monster. When he’s not jetsetting between international art residencies around the world, James also spends his time collaborating with his partner musician Lenka and working closely with Poketo creating super-cute art for your wallet and beyond. Check out for more info

Nas Chompas aka James Mitchell, is an artist and musician who normally lives and works in Portland, Oregon, but who is currently on the road with his band Nurses. Check out his winning illustration Forgotten Remains of A Giant Half-Made. If you love his poppy fantasy meets street art style as much as we do, then come along with the Infectious crew to his December show at White Walls gallery, SF. Click through to for more details.

Rad Collabs: Liz Kueneke


Liz Kuenke

For our next installment of our Rad Collabs blog series, we’d like to highlight Liz Kueneke. This Chicago native and current Spain resident has traveled the world, collaborating with everyday Joes and Josephines on participatory embroidery projects. She has stitched maps of neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY to Los Angeles, CA; Bangalore, India; Rome, Italy and Barcelona, Spain just to name a few.


Her embroidered maps not only lay out the geography of said neighborhoods, but they also map out social history based on the experiences of the inhabitants. This adds a real human element that is lost in municipal maps. Through these collaborative projects, she helps communities come to a new understanding of the places in which they live. Click here to learn more.


Infectious does Japan Town



Yo Infectoids,

Come out and join the whole Infectious team this Saturday, August 22nd as we celebrate our beloved catalog artist, Junko Mizuno‘s release of her graphic novel, Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU Vol. 1. She will be signing copies at 2 pm in the New People store in Japan Town, SF. The signing be followed up with an Infectious outing where cocktails and some off-key karaoke are on the menu. How can you pass up an opportunity to listen to the musical stylings of our very own team members singing some great hits from legends such as Abba, David Lee Roth, Tupac, and Britney Spears. Experience the Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Hope to see y’all there.

Love and high fives,
Team Infectious

True Blue: forest nymphs and ghostly peacocks


Mysterious Forest by Simon Kim

Emperor Cock by Dona Vajgand

Congratulations to this week’s Open Submissions winners – Simon Kim and Dona Vajgand.

Simon drew inspiration from a New York Times article with the headline “No trace of girl missing in woods” to create his haunting artwork Mysterious Forest: “I tired to show the figures getting trapped in forest and struggled to escape from it. It is very tragic image.” For more of his art check out his upcoming exhibition at the University of Toronto, Colony Ball Room. Check out for more info.

Bravo as well to deviantART fanatic Dona Vajgand who translated her obsession with birds into a ghostly and moody “monochromatic blue” peacock with Emperor Cock.

Come and check out other stellar artwork in our voting gallery and tell us who should be the next winner!

Rad Collabs: Sumi Ink Club


Sumi Ink Club

Infectious has a thriving community of artists and we are obsessed with collaboration in all its shapes and forms. We love to see artists coming together to contribute creative input towards creating output, and have chosen to highlight an artist collective each week to demonstrate the camaraderie and creative mastery that is embodied in collaborative works in this blog series we call Rad Collabs. To kick things off, we’ve chosen to highlight a cooperative whose openness and non-exclusivity has yielded some beautiful and inspiring work: Sumi Ink Club.

Sumi Ink Club is a Los Angeles-based (but not always in one place) drawing collective which was founded in 2005 by Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Anderson.  Created with the credo “all ages, all humans, all styles”, the club was a means to fortify social interactions. Originally intended to use ink and paper Sumi Ink Club has also printed on fabric, walls, created stickers, tee shirts, magazines, and books, and has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Sumi Ink Club draws

Fischbeck and Anderson are visionaries of all things collaborative. Their side project, Lucky Dragons, is the musical equivalent of Sumi Ink Club and it utilizes the concert space, turning it into a multi-media art piece which centers on audience participation.

Regular open meetings for Sumi Ink Club are held in a studio in Los Angeles’s Chinatown.  If you’re in La La Land and you want to join in on the fun, check out their blog for scheduled meetings. If you’re not in the area, visit their online store.

Sumi Ink Club draws

Mandarin Plaza

970 Broadway,  Ste. 212

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Vitruvian Phones, Tape Cassettes and Creature Collectives


iSteam-Phone by Kevin Tong

Collective by David Szebenyi

Retro Stuff is Better by Tony Aguero

Congratulations to this week’s Open Submissions winners – Kevin Tong, Tony Aguero and David Szebenyi.

Kevin’s iSteam-Phone design started off life as as an idea tossed between him and his friend Brian. The goal was to marry Brian’s love of the Steampunk aesthetic and Kevin’s obsession with the sketchbook drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. The result? An anatomy class on today’s most cutting edge technological device. If you’re a fan of the artwork check out these related products.

High fives as well to Costa Rican artist Tony Aguero who has recently joined us from the old Popdeck community (check out his I like robots skateboard). His goal is to mess with your mind and deceive your eye by converting your iPhone into a tape recorder with Retro Stuff is Better.

Low fives are also due to Hungarian designer David Szebenyi who also references the old school tape cassette in his zany music-making, wine-swilling monster artwork Collective.

See you in the voting gallery sometime soon!

Skate and Destroy


The Big Brawl! by Ramsey Sibaja

Is Anyone There? by J.R. Goldberg

Problems... Throw Them Away by Niklas Coskan

Chombanautics by Stick-A-Thing

Woody the Butcher by The Candyman

Today we are proud to announce the winners of our First Five Skate Decks design challenge. It was incredibly hard editing it down to just five finalists. We had an astonishing 667 submissions in total and they were universally of an insanely high standard. Many thanks to all who shared their art with us.

So, with a drum roll please… Huge congrats to Ramsey Sibaja who takes home the first prize of $1000 with his M.C. Escher meets bar fight inspired design Big Brawl.

Kudos as well to the runners up – to the cephalopod-obsessed J.R Goldberg, Niklas Coskan and his wise words of skating wisdom, Stick-A-Thing and his psychedelic eco-message and The Candyman and his cutely sinister Woody character.

Thanks as well to our judges Parker and Adam from Popdeck and also to J. Namdev Hardisty who is giving each winner a copy of his book, each with a little handwritten message inside 🙂

You can check out the rest of our skate catalog here. Besides our design challenge winners, we also welcome skateboard designs from 25 other Infectious and ex-Popdeck artists. We craft these out of hard American maple and the boards are quality printed right here in the good ol’ US of A. They are now yours to own from $39.99 – $69.99.