(Designer USB) Flash Mob


Fairybit Fairybot by MIMOBOT

Today we welcome into the catalog some mighty cute art from Mimoco.com, our designer USB flash drive maker friends.

MIMOBOT® by Mimoco has been changing the way people think about portable data storage since 2005 when they released their first collection of character-based MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives. Now with characters ranging from original and community designs to crossovers with contemporary artists like FriendsWithYou, NHK Japan’s Domo Kun and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars, MIMOBOT is on the cutting edge in the movement to combine pop art and consumer electronics. Their original MIMOBOT Core Series tells the story of a memory-rich, yet amnesia-stricken, race of aliens hailing from far out Planet Blõôh seeking new memories from intelligent beings like you…

Check out MIMOscape and Fairybit Fairybot and stay tuned for our design challenge collaboration with Mimoco, which will be launching mid-August.

One Response to (Designer USB) Flash Mob

  1. zane says:

    Do you have a store front and biz hours? Is it possible to stop by and pick up an iphone skin? I work only a few blocks from you.


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