Friends with Benefits

FriendsWithYou Have Powers by FriendsWithYou

Malfi by FriendsWithYou

Mr. Phantom X by FriendsWithYou

Team Infectious is all smiles today as we happily welcome FriendsWithYou (FWY) into the catalog.

FWY is a Miami-based art collective that was founded by Sam Borkson and Tury Sandoval III in 2002. Their manifesto is simple – they want you to “throw out your coolness and preconceptions” and they “want to be friends with you”. FWY achieves this via their army of characters, around which they weave a fantastical universe. For example, Malfi and friends are critters that originally lived inside your breath and under the part of your brain used for wishing.  What started out as a series of plush toy characters has spiraled into fine art endeavors, apparel, theme parks, playgrounds and even a giant blimp parade.
Infectious / Mimobot
We’ve also collaborated with our friends over at Mimobot so your FWY laptop, iPhone and iPod skin can match your designer USB key- imagine that! It’s time to get a little of FWY’s positive message of “Magic, Love and Friendship”™ into your world.

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