Green Out!

And now the path is clear by Joe Van Wetering

Nightlight by Matt Lyon

Bear Attack by Adrià Fruitós

By a process of natural selection the community voted in some green-themed artwork to be our latest Open Submission winners.

Huge congratulations to Joe Van Wetering, a 22 year illustrator from Chicago who designs for Threadless by day and is a Tetris master by night. For his winning artwork And Now the Path is Clear he envisioned being lost in the forest and figuring out an escape route with his design. Or “I was trying to find my inner wolf”, as he puts it.

Welcome as well to UK-based digital and mixed-media artist Matt Lyon who describes his work as folk art meets 60s psychedelia meets obsessive doodling. For his Infectious artwork Nightlight, Matt rendered his childhood nightly obsession of building lego cities and lighting them from within.

And last but not least a quick shout out to Spanish illustrator and Strasbourg resident Adrià Fruitós who was recently selected by Lürzer’s Archive as one of the 200 Best illustrators Worldwide. He joins us with Bear Attack which was pretty accurately described by one community member as “South Park meets Swiss Family Robinson… totally twisted and compelling”.

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