(Designer USB) Flash Mob



Fairybit Fairybot by MIMOBOT

Today we welcome into the catalog some mighty cute art from Mimoco.com, our designer USB flash drive maker friends.

MIMOBOT® by Mimoco has been changing the way people think about portable data storage since 2005 when they released their first collection of character-based MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives. Now with characters ranging from original and community designs to crossovers with contemporary artists like FriendsWithYou, NHK Japan’s Domo Kun and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars, MIMOBOT is on the cutting edge in the movement to combine pop art and consumer electronics. Their original MIMOBOT Core Series tells the story of a memory-rich, yet amnesia-stricken, race of aliens hailing from far out Planet Blõôh seeking new memories from intelligent beings like you…

Check out MIMOscape and Fairybit Fairybot and stay tuned for our design challenge collaboration with Mimoco, which will be launching mid-August.

Infectious does Fabric8



Attention San Franciscans and anyone who will be in our fair city before August 18th! Fabric8, the indie design boutique and gallery located at3318 22nd Street here in SF, has expanded it’s space and is currently hosting a show which features the works of our very own Erik Otto, Reuben Rude and Blaine Fontana. We hopped on over last Saturday night for the stellar opening reception with our good friend and catalog artist, Junko Mizuno to it check out. In the back Erik, Reuben and Blaine’s pieces hung beautifully on the newly painted white walls, co-mingling with the works of other great artists like Kelly Tunstall and Brett Amory. In the storefront gallery, a group show entitled “Creature Features” honored monsters and other worldly creatures. Oddly enough, having to pee led to the biggest treat of all – Erik Otto’s beautiful installation that dangled above a clawfoot tub that has been turned into a fish pond.


Erik Otto


Reuben Rude

We all had a blast and highly recommend checking it out. Much love to Fabric8 and their amazing new gallery space!

On another note, we’re going for round two tonight at 111 Minna‘s Sketch Tuesdays. Our main man, Dennis McNulty, will be among the artists at the long table sketching away. If you’re around tonight, come join us!

Friends with Benefits


FriendsWithYou Have Powers by FriendsWithYou

Malfi by FriendsWithYou

Mr. Phantom X by FriendsWithYou

Team Infectious is all smiles today as we happily welcome FriendsWithYou (FWY) into the catalog.

FWY is a Miami-based art collective that was founded by Sam Borkson and Tury Sandoval III in 2002. Their manifesto is simple – they want you to “throw out your coolness and preconceptions” and they “want to be friends with you”. FWY achieves this via their army of characters, around which they weave a fantastical universe. For example, Malfi and friends are critters that originally lived inside your breath and under the part of your brain used for wishing.  What started out as a series of plush toy characters has spiraled into fine art endeavors, apparel, theme parks, playgrounds and even a giant blimp parade.
Infectious / Mimobot
We’ve also collaborated with our friends over at Mimobot so your FWY laptop, iPhone and iPod skin can match your designer USB key- imagine that! It’s time to get a little of FWY’s positive message of “Magic, Love and Friendship”™ into your world.

Green Out!


And now the path is clear by Joe Van Wetering

Nightlight by Matt Lyon

Bear Attack by Adrià Fruitós

By a process of natural selection the community voted in some green-themed artwork to be our latest Open Submission winners.

Huge congratulations to Joe Van Wetering, a 22 year illustrator from Chicago who designs for Threadless by day and is a Tetris master by night. For his winning artwork And Now the Path is Clear he envisioned being lost in the forest and figuring out an escape route with his design. Or “I was trying to find my inner wolf”, as he puts it.

Welcome as well to UK-based digital and mixed-media artist Matt Lyon who describes his work as folk art meets 60s psychedelia meets obsessive doodling. For his Infectious artwork Nightlight, Matt rendered his childhood nightly obsession of building lego cities and lighting them from within.

And last but not least a quick shout out to Spanish illustrator and Strasbourg resident Adrià Fruitós who was recently selected by Lürzer’s Archive as one of the 200 Best illustrators Worldwide. He joins us with Bear Attack which was pretty accurately described by one community member as “South Park meets Swiss Family Robinson… totally twisted and compelling”.

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto


People & Robots: Best Friends Forever Design Challenge

Greetings all,

Sending out a friendly heads-up to all our lovely Infectious Artists. Today we’re launching a brand new creative design challenge People and Robots: Best Friends Forever sponsored by our friends over at Mozilla Firefox. We’re looking for designs that capture the spirit of humans and robots living in harmony.

Please note that submissions don’t need to feature the Firefox logo and don’t need to be composited (unless you really want to). They do need to feature some robot and human BFF action; think “I’m programmed for etiquette, not destruction” rather than “Hasta la vista baby”. The first place winner receives $1000 cash. Second place gets a Roomba (it’s the closest we could get to WALL-E). And all winners will receive 5% royalties, $100 of Infectious products, and some Firefox schwag.

P.S.  If you’re going to be down at San Diego Comic-Con this year, follow us on Twitter. We’ll be touring the halls and handing out free high-fives all day Friday.

1981 Perverts Show

"Love is like the sea, it takes its shape from the shore it meets, and it's different with every shore." Vinyl, UV inks on Rives BFK paper. 46 x 36 in.

"Love is like the sea, it takes its shape from the shore it meets, and it's different with every shore." Vinyl, UV inks on Rives BFK paper. 46 x 36 in.

Join the entire Infectious crew tonight at the Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art gallery at 49 Geary Street from 6-10 pm. One of our own, Dennis “White Lightning” McNulty, will be exhibiting his amazing artwork in a solo show entitled 1981 Pervert.

This exhibition, inspired by his childhood discovery and fascination with the patterns, palettes, and compositions of the pinup illustrations, car ads, and images of menswear featured in his father’s collection of Playboy,  consists of 7 large scale pieces, 4 small pieces, and a 12 ft. 3-D wall installation. Learn more about the show here.

Come and help us toast our lovable and talented Dennis.

Second Nature: new Infectious art


Manowar’s Curse by Michael Tesch

Go... Freestyle by Mike Karolos

surfin space by NiBru

Three new pieces of community designed goodness join the catalog this week!

Congratulations to Michael Tesch and his beautifully rendered Manowar’s Curse which was originally created for a campaign to spread awareness about the plight of marine life. Also joining the Infectious family is Greek graphic designer Mike Karolos who shows off his mad ninja Photoshop skills in Go… Freestyle. And last, but not least, is Canadian freelance artist Nicole Bruce, aka Nibru, whose eclectic, spacey, provocative style shines through in her winning design, surfin space.