Sneak peek: upcoming art from Cey Adams

We love our community of artists and art fans and want to get them more involved in the curating process over here at Infectious. As a little experiment, we’d like you to help us choose what pieces of art should be the next ones that we invite directly into the catalog.

Picture 1

We are currently in discussions with Cey Adams and have four of his typography designs up over in our forums. If you don’t already know Cey, he is an institution in the world of Hip Hop art and design, having been part of Rush artist management, Def Jam Records and the Drawing Board. If you’re familiar with The Beastie Boys (he did the album artwork for Hello Nasty!), Run DMC, De La Soul, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, and the Notorious B.I.G., then you are already familiar with Cey’s work.

We’re looking to make products out of two (maybe three) pieces of his designs. We want you to tell us which ones. So head over to the forums and share your thoughts, questions, constructive criticism and as always… compliments 🙂 Cey will be joining in the discussion at some point.

We love hearing feedback – let us know whether you think this is a good idea!

2 Responses to Sneak peek: upcoming art from Cey Adams

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