Eight bit video games, sparkly trees and one insane clown posse: Infectious’ newest Open Submissions winners

A big yay! and congratulations to our latest Open Submissions winners Pykee, Erasmo Ferrante and mikey ion.

Bibingka by Ralph Lambaco

Pykee (otherwise known as Ralph T. Lambaco) is a graphic illustrator from the Philippines. His passions include eating “bibingkas“, working on his first album with his band Pelican Street and creating artwork for an organization called Perfect on Paper which is led by fellow Infectious artist Niel Quisaba. Their collective mission is to create awareness in the design world of the talent of the Cebu digital art community, while raising funds for charity.

Conciencia Planeta by Erasmo Ferrante

Venezuelan illustrator Erasmo Ferrante (aka El Bicho) likes to customize stuff. When we asked him what he would most like to customize, he said  “My country, no seriously, I want to make the most mundane things into artistic pieces. From chairs, to cell phones, to cars, to walls”. A man after our own hearts. He is currently working on more art for the Infectious voting gallery and on his own animated short film.

Monochrome by Mikey Ion

Michael Sison (widely known as mikey ion) is a graphic designer/illustrator currently residing in San Francisco, California. Formerly a marketing designer for LRG Clothing, Mikey decided to leave the comforts of home and the sunny skies of Orange County for a new life in the “Yay Area” – joining the ranks of Infectious.com as its resident designer. In his spare time, Mikey makes silly drawings, reads video game blogs, and eats lots of peanut butter.

Do you want to be the next artist to join Infectious? Then come and join in the fun via Open Submissions! We launch new designs into our catalog every Thursday.

3 Responses to Eight bit video games, sparkly trees and one insane clown posse: Infectious’ newest Open Submissions winners

  1. Stephen says:

    What a super blog about this subject. For some reason I cant stop thinking about it.

  2. Marilu says:

    4eWa58 Hey, that’s the greatest! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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