Flights of Fancy: new high octane Open Submissions art

Congratulations to this week’s Open Submission winners Lisa Evans and David Lanham.


Take a peek inside the mind of Lisa Evans: “In the future, the predominant fuel will be jam. Three eighths of the world’s surface will be covered in fluff and the world’s sole currency will be carpet samples. The future is a strange place, defined by the imaginations of children. But we will all be kept safe by the Keepers, gentle monsters of the soul who provide guidance and comfort”. Lisa is currently working on translating the adventures of her character Star Belly into comic strip form. When she’s not immersed in the world of the Keeper, she creates illustrations for children’s books and publications like Ecologist magazine and the UK newspaper The Telegraph.

Full Moon by David Lanham

Also don’t forget to check out David Lanham’s new artwork Full Moon and it’s innovative positioning of the moon – when it’s on your laptop the light from the Apple logo beams through.

Come and join us in the voting gallery! We introduce new art to the catalog every week and we’d love yours to be next.

3 Responses to Flights of Fancy: new high octane Open Submissions art

  1. After reading this article, I just feel that I really need more info. Could you share some more resources ?

  2. Yamary says:

    7xQ3tP Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

  3. He visto tu sitio y me semeja de lo más interesante. No sólo porque lo que estás
    planteando tiene un amplio conocimiento (o bien por lo
    menos eso aparenta) sino que la forma que posees de expresar
    tus ideas es genial. Espero que en algún instante podamos trabajar algo
    juntos o cuando menos que me des la oportunidad de percibir alguna visita tuya a mi
    weblog y me des tus puntos de vista. Al final del día quien sino otro blogger para juzgar el trabajo de uno.

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