From 3-D vinyl to 2-D vinyl: Sket-One creates Infectious art with his Ripple character


Pow! by Sket-One

Jumping For Joy by Sket-One

New Haven, Connecticut painter, illustrator and designer Sket-One was one of the first artists to customize the Dunny. He became hooked on the medium of designer vinyl toys and has since gone on to create iconic characters of his own including the Eggster and Ripple. The Ripple character was designed as a homage to gas station toys from the 1950s. Sket borrowed the stance of Bob’s Big Boy and drew inspiration from the iconic rotundness of mascots like the Michelin Man and the Pillsbury Doughboy and created a totally unique brand mascot for himself. And he doesn’t mind the comparisons: “That’s exactly what I want you to say. The fact that everyone tries to nail him down to another brand icon… means I’ve done it, I’ve already brought you in!”

Check out for more info.

New Erik Otto NYC show: May 2nd



Infectious family member Erik Otto has another New York show and installation called “Silence Speaks Volumes” coming up on May 2nd. It’s being done in collaboration with Charmingwall, a West Village gallery founded by printing press Paper Slam.

If you’re in the neighborhood, go say howdy to Erik and snap up some of his beautiful fine art. The gallery is also brimming with enchanting artwork printed on photo quality paper from the likes of Heiko, APAK, Andy Kehoe, Evan B. Harris and many more. All at charmingly affordable prices.

For more details and sneak peeks, check out

New summery art from Jon Burgerman and Buff Monster!


Rainbow Doodles by Jon Burgerman

Drippy Face by Buff Monster

Check out Rainbow Doodles and Drippy Face: ready to bring some sunshine to your laptop, iPhone or iPod.

Tara McPherson comes to our hometown



If you’re in San Francisco on April 29th head down to Kidrobot where TaraMcPherson will be showcasing her Gamma Mutant Friends vinyl toys and signing her beautiful new book Lost Constellations: the art of Tara McPherson between 6-8pm.

Also don’t forget to check out her newly revamped website. According to Tara: “I have a blog now, fully transcribed interviews for all you awesome students and young artists out there, up close detail pics of all the new paintings, lots of neato photos, and a sweet new store section,” including links to all of her Infectious artwork.

He scares because he cares: Nathan Jurevicius launches his free web game



Check out Nathan Jurevicius wonderful new Scarygirl game on his website. Every one of its fourteen levels is a visual feast and to top it off it’s completely free! It’s leaving us salivating for the upcoming Scarygirl movie…

Infectious Beer Night : Evidence


Last Friday night was good ‘ol Infectious Beer night.  Thanks to all who came out.  The illustrated beer cups were especially entertaining.

Reuben Rude gives Infectious the finger (in the nicest possible way)



San Francisco artist Reuben Rude grew up in the woods of Northern California with bohemian parents and no television. This lack of technology forced him to spend almost every waking hour drawing and painting. He moved back to San Francisco for college and then began working as a colorist in the comics industry  on titles like Spawn and Savage Dragon. His personal artwork, especially the layered backdrops to his paintings, however is inspired by his hometown: “I love all the great walls covered with tattered posters, graffiti, spattered paint and stickers, decaying with time. These unintentional collaborative collages influence me”.