KISS and make-up: Mike Friedrich’s Thrillin’ Bear design


Thrillin' Bear by Mike Friedrich

Congratulations to Mike Friedrich, one of this week’s Open Submission winners and the newest artist to join our family.

Berlin based designer Mike Friedrich (previously known by the online moniker siXsiXsiX) is a veteran in the world of crowdsourcing. He’s been an art director at LaFraise and has winning designs at t-shirt sites Design by Humans, Emptees and TeeFury.  We’re proud to welcome into our community with his electrifying Thrillin’ Bear design.

You can check out more of his artwork at

Infectious hits the rust belt


Welcome to the family Paul Burgess and his Urban Dirty catalog of “gritty, grimy and sometimes slimy” photos!

Urban Dirty was conceived in 2007 when Paul was mesmerized by the texture and ridges in this splatter of paint in the parking garage of his old work place. After taking the photograph, his eyes were opened up to the beauty of the texture and grit of Brighton, the city where he lives. He now collects all the paint-splatters, rusted metal and moss-crusted sidewalks that he finds inspiring him at He incorporates the photos in his artwork and as the backdrops of the websites he designs for bands like Royksopp and graffiti artists like Hutch. To see more of Paul’s work head to and

Also don’t forget to come say hi to Team Infectious on Twitter!

Attention all NY fans of Erik Otto!


Our friend and Infectious artist Erik Otto has a show opening on Monday March 23rd through April 24th at Doma Café and Gallery in the West Village, NY. If you’re in the area head down and  check out the intense colors of his new artwork and maybe grab a zucchini, avocado and mozarella panini while you’re at.
Also huge congrats to Erik for being awarded a residency at the San Francisco dump. The perfect place to scavenge materials for his amazing installation pieces!

Mexican Wrestling Thumb War

Mikey and Tim square off for a grudge match of Mexican Thumb Wrestling. Mikey entered the ring as El Fantasmo in yellow. Tim was of course, El Chupacabras in blue.
The opponents square off.

The final pin.El Cupacabras is victorious.

El Fantasmo is humiliated.

Emil ÷ MAD = Infectious’ Golden Ratio


Today we welcome into the catalog two new pieces from Infectious founding artists Emil Kozak and MAD.

Emil Kozak shares with us a piece from his recent Trading Magic for Facts show. With “Fibonacci”, Emil wants to transport you back to your childhood, to a place where you spend all your days playing, without worrying about the future.

MAD switches it up with “MADGRAFIC” and trades in his more iconic character driven style for some hard edge graphics. He assures us that his name is buried in there somewhere. Yours to stripe across your laptop, iPhone or iPod from $9.99.

We’ve also just created an InfectiousArt Twitter account so that you can stay in the know on what we’re up to. Only seemed right seeing Tim who started Infectious, also had a hand in starting up Twitter. So if you’d like to pull back the curtain and see what goes on behind the scenes at Infectious HQ, you can follow us here.

Infectious vs the Divisadero art walk – tonight!


If you’re in the Bay Area, then why not come and have a drink with us on a school night? Tonight is the Divisadero art walk and as part of the event, our Production Manager Dennis McNulty has crafted a beautiful mural out of paint and vinyl in Madrone Bar in SF. To celebrate, the Infectious team and some of the local Infectious artists are heading down for a beer or three.
Come and join us! We’re going to be at 500 Divisadero at the corner of Fell

Easy tiger! Infectious unleashes new vinyl art for your iPod, iPhone and laptop


Congratulations to this weeks two new Open Submission winners!

Canadian-Indonesian artist Tessar Lo loves vintage stuff. He loves the mystique and stories that vintage objects acquire. He translates this obsession into his artwork, creating wash upon wash of color, “thin layers upon thin layers- the same way I guess older things accumulate layers of staining through either dust, dirt or smoke”. Tessar’s art was originally discovered by John Trippe from Fecal Face and they continued their support by inviting him to exhibit at their 7.5 anniversary show at 111 Minna. He is currently represented by Beau Basse from project:gallery and is preparing for his first solo entitled “future perfect”.

Niel Quisaba (aka Digital Delight) hails from Manila in the Phillipines. He describes his cute characters as the visual equivalent of the theme tune from Mighty Mouse and Friends. His work has been featured in the Semi-Permanent book, Computer Arts magazine and BOX: The Evolution of Character Design. For more details please check out

Infectious invites new artists into the catalog every week. So what are you waiting for? Come and join in the fun via Open Submissions, The City Series contest or our WordPress skins for bloggers competition!