Now and Zen: soothing Asian landscapes for your laptops and devices

Leiying Chen chose the English name “Shadow” because of her obsession with creating images of light and dark. This obsession is beautifully reflected in Ink Mountain, her artwork for Infectious. This design is a homage to the traditional Chinese artist Zhang Da Qian’s style of “heavy coloring”, but Shadow takes it to a modern place and infuses it with Western street art influences, to create something truly unique. When she is not working in Ningbo City, China on freelance graphic design jobs, she’s busy painting and creating her own secret brand. You can check out her artwork on deviantART and at

Also new to the catalog this week is Mike Klay’s latest dragonfly design Akitsu Shima. Mike was inspired to create the artwork after reading the Nihon Shoki which chronicles the history of ancient Japan. He says “It mentioned dragonflies, which were called akitsu in those days. The Chronicle says that the first emperor, Jimmu Tenno, climbed a small mountain, gazed down and said, “The shape of my country is like two akitsu mating.” This was one of the events that gave Japan its old name, Akitsu Shima (The Dragonfly Isles).”

We’re constantly looking for beautiful designs to fill our voting gallery and catalog. Share your artwork and the inspiration behind it here.

2 Responses to Now and Zen: soothing Asian landscapes for your laptops and devices

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to Shadow however as the artist to the submission of 19th street bridge I just want you to know that I received a higher rating than you. Justice was not served on this one infectious team!

  2. Tim Roberts says:

    we pick winners based on a number of criteria, including
    – your calculated score based on community voting
    – how many votes you received
    – comments from the community
    – our own internal opinion on what we think will make great product

    i want to emphasize that the community components weigh very heavily into our decisions – however there have been and will continue to be situations where the absolute highest calculated score does not get selected.

    now, all that said, Shadow Chen’s piece did receive a high score than 19th street bridge, in addition to receiving more votes.

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