Picture this: new Infectious photo art!

Today we welcome our first photographers into the Infectious catalog.

Brighton-based photographer Abi Massey has been having a love affair with her Holga camera for the last three years. In her work she takes pictures of the ordinary which get transformed into the extraordinary with the light leaks and blurring that are the characteristics of this toy camera. One of her Flickr contacts sums up her photography perfectly: “Absolutely the most nostalgic tone I’ve ever seen from a Holga. And what else could you ask of a photograph, but to remind you of a time you never really knew?” Check out www.abimassey.com or www.flickr.com/photos/microabi/ for more info.

Wilmington, NC photographer Dana Hawley as a penchant for roller derbys. She took this shot of roller girl “Double Barrel Bambie” at the most rocking Laundromat in the world. During the shoot the members of Cape Fear Roller Girls derby team washed their dirty uniforms, had a beer and listened to some live music. Dana also works as the photographer on film sets, including a recent gig shooting stills for the indie hit The 27 Club. You can check out her upcoming projects at www.danahawleyphoto.net or www.flickr.com/photos/bemyillusion/.

To other shutterbugs out there, participate in our design competition and we may be making products with your photography next!

7 Responses to Picture this: new Infectious photo art!

  1. Roni says:

    I’m about to get a new iphone and I LOVE the art that you have on the site! I also wanted to get a hard case to cover it up after I apply the vinyl, do you know what the best case that showcases the art would be? and would the vinyl interfere with regular cases? I’ll be checking your site time to time…thanks!

  2. Tim Roberts says:

    Hey Roni… check this blog entry for what we recommend.


  3. Durning says:

    nice post, nice blog! 🙂

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