Now and Zen: soothing Asian landscapes for your laptops and devices


Leiying Chen chose the English name “Shadow” because of her obsession with creating images of light and dark. This obsession is beautifully reflected in Ink Mountain, her artwork for Infectious. This design is a homage to the traditional Chinese artist Zhang Da Qian’s style of “heavy coloring”, but Shadow takes it to a modern place and infuses it with Western street art influences, to create something truly unique. When she is not working in Ningbo City, China on freelance graphic design jobs, she’s busy painting and creating her own secret brand. You can check out her artwork on deviantART and at

Also new to the catalog this week is Mike Klay’s latest dragonfly design Akitsu Shima. Mike was inspired to create the artwork after reading the Nihon Shoki which chronicles the history of ancient Japan. He says “It mentioned dragonflies, which were called akitsu in those days. The Chronicle says that the first emperor, Jimmu Tenno, climbed a small mountain, gazed down and said, “The shape of my country is like two akitsu mating.” This was one of the events that gave Japan its old name, Akitsu Shima (The Dragonfly Isles).”

We’re constantly looking for beautiful designs to fill our voting gallery and catalog. Share your artwork and the inspiration behind it here.

Game on: Stuntkid joins Infectious


Today we welcome Stuntkid to our family of artists!

Jason Levesque, better known by the online moniker Stuntkid, started his illustrating career around puberty, illustrating the models out of Playboy magazines. He dropped out of school in 11th grade and taught himself how to be a designer by deconstructing websites and doing online Photoshop tutorials. Fast forward to the present, not much has changed, except now he’s the one who sets up photo shoots with fetish models drenched in latex paint and dressed in bunny ears. He crafts his beautiful art with pencil and photoshop from the resulting photographs. Jason has just finished exhibiting at the Thinkspace show curated by Audrey Kawasaki and is currently working on a new piece for “The Kokeshi Show” at the LATDA museum in July.

Infectious creates a wardrobe for your iPod!


Is your iPod looking a little chilly? Maybe a little battered and scratched from living next to your coins and keys in your jeans pocket? Time to clothe it in some form-fitting vinyl from Infectious! We’ve made a whole series of beautiful skins to cover your Classic, Nano 4G and Touch. Keep your precious iPod nice and warm and protected from scratches for only $9.99.
We’re so excited about expanding our catalog of art that to celebrate we’re giving away five pieces of iPod or iPhone art every week. Just sign up for our newsletter here and winners will be chosen at random and emailed a special discount code. If you’re already subscribed – you’re all set and you will be automatically entered into the competition.

And for the small print… Winners will be responsible for shipping costs. We also promise we will never do anything evil like share your contact details, you’ll just be on our email list and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Picture this: new Infectious photo art!


Today we welcome our first photographers into the Infectious catalog.

Brighton-based photographer Abi Massey has been having a love affair with her Holga camera for the last three years. In her work she takes pictures of the ordinary which get transformed into the extraordinary with the light leaks and blurring that are the characteristics of this toy camera. One of her Flickr contacts sums up her photography perfectly: “Absolutely the most nostalgic tone I’ve ever seen from a Holga. And what else could you ask of a photograph, but to remind you of a time you never really knew?” Check out or for more info.

Wilmington, NC photographer Dana Hawley as a penchant for roller derbys. She took this shot of roller girl “Double Barrel Bambie” at the most rocking Laundromat in the world. During the shoot the members of Cape Fear Roller Girls derby team washed their dirty uniforms, had a beer and listened to some live music. Dana also works as the photographer on film sets, including a recent gig shooting stills for the indie hit The 27 Club. You can check out her upcoming projects at or

To other shutterbugs out there, participate in our design competition and we may be making products with your photography next!

We <3 Blogging: Infectious and WordPress team up to create a design challenge for bloggers everywhere


We’ve teamed up with the crew over at WordPress to make laptops and iPhone skins just for bloggers. Check out our “I ❤ design contest. We’re looking for original designs that show us what makes the heart of a blogger tick. Want to get your hands on $400, royalties and lots of WordPress goodies? Winners are chosen by community voting and the all-star judging panel of Matt Mullenweg, Matt Thomas and Derek Powazek. Click here to find out how you can participate.