Natural Selection: Nate Frizzell and Renée Nault win this week’s Open Submissions

We first heard about LA artist Nate Frizzell via our founding artist Blaine Fontana. Blaine told us that we should check out the modern and beautiful way that Nate weaves together birds, trees, masked teenagers and rainbows into his paintings. We loved the art that Nate created for our Open Submissions so much that we asked him to share some of his other pieces that he’s recently shown at Miami Basel and Cerasoli-LeBasse Gallery.

Canadian illustrator Renée Nault creates luscious and whimsical art where she tries to “capture the elusive moments between dreams and waking life”. Her watercolors bleed into her beautifully inked ladies. Lost at E Minor describes her portrait drawings as “full of character. They’re kinda like the best friend you never had.” Besides being featured at the wonderful LAEM website, Renée’s work has also appeared on wonkette and notcot. Her art is currently showing at the Xpace gallery in Toronto.

Want to be the next member of the Infectious family of artists? Then come and join in the fun by submitting some of your art to Open Submissions!

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