Shiny! New! Art!

We’ve got more shiny new art for you this week. Welcome to the family artists Mike Klay and this week’s Open Submissions winner Paulo Arraiano!

Mike Klay (aka Powerslide Designs) is a Seattle-based artist who has created gig posters for the likes of Ladytron, Camera Obscura and Death Cab for Cutie (we are slightly jealous of how many good gigs he has seen for free over the years). His beautiful mod lady design “Shady” used to be a gig poster for Simian Mobile Disco. Their clubby, sexy music inspired him to trawl through the back page escort section of his local newspaper. (If you look closely at Shady, she’s even naughtier than she looks…) Mike’s other muse is the Pacific Northwest which turns up time and time again as the backdrop for his beautiful art.

Paulo Arraiano (aka YUP) is good at multi-tasking. He’s an illustrator, magazine art director, clothing mogul for Palm urban wear and a teacher at Restart School of Creativity and New Technologies in Lisbon. He even created a Speakerdog toy for fellow Infectious artist Ben The Illustrator. Phew! Linking all of these together are his signature illustrations which he describes as “supafreackyfunny creatures from distant worlds and realities who are invited to be placed in all mediums possible, from digital to walls. clothing, street, toys, skateboards, music, galleries…” and now Infectious laptops and iPhones.

If you think your art would also look stunning on an iPhone – show us! We’ve just launched iPhone art Open Submissions. Check out the guidelines here.

2 Responses to Shiny! New! Art!

  1. evilspoons says:

    Any car art in the works? Most of it is kind of cartoony.

    I would, for example, love to see car art based on Zeptonn’s Robot Rise.

  2. good topic. i like the article

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