Never lose your iPhone in a crowd!

Just in time for the holidays we’re launching Infectious iPhone art! 28 Infectious artists have joined in, creating an insane catalog of art for your iPhone. For the rest of this year, they are available for only $9.99! It goes on easily and can be removed without leaving any residue on your precious iPhone.

We are also welcoming two new artists into the fold…

American born and UK-based artist Julie’s West creates sweet and otherworldly female characters that have been accurately described as a cross between a robot and a Russian doll. Birds and bees also turn up constantly in her work (literally, rather than in the naughty sense), though we do wonder if she’s trying to tell us something… Julie has also produced her characters Bumble and Tweet as vinyl toys for STRANGEco (complete with magnetized birds and bees), made embroidery patterns for Sublime Stitching and her work has appeared on Flow snowboards, Jansport bags and in Wired and Complex magazines.

And our favorite submission of the month, goes to David Lanham! David’s day job is working at the Iconfactory creating beautiful icons for your computer in order to “make your crappy day at work that little bit brighter”. Here he spends his working hours creating beautiful icons like Amora for OSX which was inspired by Chris Cunningham’s android-esque music video for Björk. But even in his downtime he can’t stop creating art: when he heads home in the evening he creates amazing pieces of artwork that look as if they have been culled straight out of a manga movie, artwork that makes you want to create your own narrative out of the scene. Besides illustrating samurais and monkeys, David also has a cute character called Zog who has recently been made into a vinyl toy by StrangeKiss.

Stand by! We’re also launch iPhone art Open Submissions very soon!

6 Responses to Never lose your iPhone in a crowd!

  1. Bartek says:

    Hey guys, I love the whole concept of the site. Just one request: make vinyls for subnotebooks/netbooks. You know: 7″-10″ screens, eee PC, MSI Wind and such things

  2. Tim Roberts says:

    hey this is tim at infectious. out of curiosity, what make/model/dimension (H" & W") laptop do you have?

  3. Bartek says:

    I’ve got Asus Eee PC 1000H which is 10.5″ wide and 7.5″ tall. However the screen panel is rounded at the corners making the flat surface a bit smaller (about two inches in both dimensions).

  4. says:

    Considered buying iPhone art piece, but paying $7.50 for a $9.99 product is a no go.

  5. aaronhelton says:

    I second Bartek’s request. The laptop skins you have are all too big for my Eee PC, but if you made them to fit, I would totally buy one.

  6. nice post……………

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