New stellar Laptop Art!


Congratulations to this week’s new Open Submission winners!

Thai illustrator Pomme Chan doesn’t like to describe her work. She wants you to read into her art whatever it is you want to see. Pomme sprawls on the floor of her London studio and creates beautiful, whimsical illustrations on tracing paper with her felt tip pens and watercolors. She draws her inspiration from her dreams, her bus journeys around London town and from the curve of the female form. Her dreamy, ethereal style has been commissioned by everybody from Marc Jacobs to Topshop to Mercedes Benz. She is currently busy sketching on her floor for her first solo exhibition at Coningsby Gallery in February.

Canadian artist Kristian Bauthus was raised in Northern Ontario, amongst the trees, bears and igloos. His upbringing and love of nature can be seen in his art for Infectious – he sketched the sabertooth skull while on a recent expedition to Royal Ontario Museum. After wielding his pencil, he puts everything together and colors his art in photoshop: “I would compare how I work to screen-printing: drawing individual plates for each color, then laying those on top of each other to build my final image”. Kristian’s art can be in issue 11 of Graphic Magazine, on various Threadless t-shirts, or you can stop in for tea at his website,

We’ve just opened up Wall and Car Art submissions. We’re launching new artists every week – so if you’d love to see your art become the next Infectious product, come and join in the fun! The next deadline is Friday 28th November.

Kaiju Big Battel is Infectious!


UPDATE 9/18: KAIJU BIG BATTEL IS CANCELED. (And Ticketmaster keeps all the processing fees.) What a rip off. Oh well, maybe we all play scrabble or something instead.

This Wednesday Kaiju Big Battel is coming to SF. What is Kaiju Big Battel? Live Monster Wrestling of course! Check the videos on their site to get a sense of just how insane this is. The whole Infectious crew and friends will be ringside at the event. We are going to have a little pre-Big Battel gathering here at Infectious HQ and then head over. If you’re planning on attending, come join us beforehand for a little warm-up. Give us a heads up (via email or in comments on the blog) if you want to join us, so we can have a cold beer ready for you in the fridge…

info (at)

This week’s hot new Laptop Art!


Founding artist Emil Kozak reveals that he has a bit of a skeleton-fixation with his new Laptop art, New Zealand designer Jeremy Evans (aka Shapeaspect) wants to stripe the colors of the rainbow onto your computer and deviantARTist Laura Ebbenhouse is on a mission to inject a little kawaii into your life with her monsters and ice cream. Congrats to the open submissions winners and stay tuned for more stuff next week!

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