British Invasion: congratulations to our new Submission winners!


Three talented British illustrators are joining the Infectious family this month. The votes have been tallied and our hearts have been won over by miss led, Ben the Illustrator and Andy Smith.

miss led’s work had voters saying “scrumptious” and “va va vroom”. Infectious can’t accept responsibility for accidents caused when driving around with this art on your car. Voters also loved Ben’s flower power Car Art, calling it “adorable” and “Murakami-esque”. (And we particularly like the concept that the driver’s face becomes one of the flower heads). And last, but not least, Andy Smith’s Omen-inspired beast characters incited responses like “creepy cool” and “yes, yes I want want those on my car! Rawwwrr!”

We’re on a mission here at Infectious to make driving more fun and your car more beautiful. Come join us… we’re looking for Car Art submissions for next month. The deadline is Thursday 9th October.

Guess what Dennis is dressed as?


Dennis recently was in a competitive kickball game. He decided to wear a special outfit. Can you correctly identify his costume?

Infectious adds art to the world’s largest offroad sound system


This Saturday Infectious heads down to Hot Import Nights in Pleasanton with our friends the Space Cowboys and their beautiful behemoth, the Unimog. Which will soon be the world’s largest offroad sound system rocking art by Coop.

Infectious artist Nico Berry will be getting out the spray cans and doing some live work onsite, we’ll be raffling off some Infectious art and teaching the public how to become ninjas at applying vinyl Car Art. All to the sweet soundtrack of DJs Mancub, Russs, Evil Jason (Spacecowboys) and Shissler (House of Lotus).

Come throwdown with us! Sat. Sept. 20th 4pm – 11pm, Pleasanton Fair Ground, CA.