Mustaches are Infectious!

Our meddling production manager Dennis, has a little fascination with Burt Reynolds’ mustache. So what happens when we let Dennis get a little too involved in ‘marketing’ projects? Umm… well this…

We were doing a little free Car Art giveaway with our friends at über-hip blog Hustler of Culture. Dennis somehow got in the mix and convinced us to challenge the readers of Hustler of Culture to email us a picture of their best Burt Reynold’s-inspired mustache (be it stuck on, inked, or home-grown). We got a little overwhelmed with the responses!

Well… huge congrats to the beautiful Christine (above) and her fake Captain Morgan-esque facial hair who hands down won the free hood piece.

Beth, Jennifer and Christopher all receive a free Icon piece of their choice for their impressive runner-up efforts.

2 Responses to Mustaches are Infectious!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi infectious folks…love your stuff and the blog. but, a lot of folks find the term “DS” above offensive. looks more like captain morgan to me anyway.

  2. Very nice post,i absolutely love this blog

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