Announcing the Obama Car Art Winners! Products on sale now.

As CRO, the founder of puts it – “on the road to the Whitehouse, this atypical candidate is going to require a fresh approach”. And atypical it has been. Artists all over the United States have risen up in a groundswell of support for Obama and channeled their passion into their art.

Infectious is feeling the love too. For our first themed contest we asked artists to blow up the political bumper sticker into something big and beautiful, so that we can all take that collective Obama passion to the streets in the form of Car Art.

Here are our winners…
Juan Pa Molina was inspired by the posters of Russian Constructivism to communicate his ardent belief in Obama.

Jack Martin’s Car Art reflects his belief that now is the time to go from a country run by fear, to one run on hopes and dreams.

We feel the car is the perfect canvas on which to shout out to the world your support of Barack Obama. We hope you think so too.

SOME ADDED NOTES….. or “Why didn’t you #!?$#!’s do a McCain contest?”

We’ve had a number of irritated and feisty people contact us asking “Why didn’t you do a McCain contest?!” Well, we didn’t do a more general one that also supported McCain for three reasons:

First off, we had artists proactively approach us wanting to do Obama Car Art – so it was partially reactive.

Second, we felt that there was a significant art movement out there around the Obama campaign that was conducive to this project. For instance, just search Flickr for Obama art and McCain art and you can see the difference. 4604 results vs. 353 results – with much of the McCain art being derogatory. We honestly didn’t think we could have successfully done a McCain car art contest.

And finally, yes… we are admitted Obama fans here.

However, all that said and done…. Prove us wrong! If you want to do McCain Car Art, we welcome you. Heck, bring on Nader Car Art too! We’ll offer the same booty that we offered for the Obama Art Contest to those submissions. Just submit your idea for McCain Car Art into our open submissions.

We love Obama here, but we love freedom of speech and open communication of ideas even more.

Thanks for telling us what you think.

5 Responses to Announcing the Obama Car Art Winners! Products on sale now.

  1. Richard Davies says:

    I’ve got some more great ideas for Obama car art!

  2. Paul says:

    Hey where’s the McCain car art contest?

  3. John says:

    Vote for your worst fears and raise McCain!

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