Happy Owls and Burlesque Vixens: Our first Car Art Submission Winners

A month ago Infectious launched its Open Submissions so that any talented artist, regardless of who they are, had the opportunity to join the Infectious family. Today we’re launching the first winners into our catalog.

Andy J Miller’s design Happy Hippy Clouds and Owls was inspired by tribal patterns and children’s book illustrations. On the message boards it elicited responses such as “dreamy”, “heartbreakingly pretty” and “…looks like a Shel Silverstein illustration”. We agree – we “love, love it” too and so we nominated Andy’s uplifting art our favorite submission of the month.

Devin Lawson’s Car-tini Car Art will also be joining the catalog with its homage to Dita Von Teese’s infamous martini glass striptease act. Check out his drunken fez monkey and evil pimiento of doom here and see if he can tempt you into adding a little lounge style into your life.

Think you can dream up some Car Art? We’d love to see your vision of art on a car too. Check out our submission guidelines here: http://www.infectious.com/submissions/overview and maybe it will be you that we’re inviting into our catalog next month…

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