Go Tell Mama We’re For Obama: CRO teams up with Infectious

CRO (aka graphic designer Ray Noland) was inspired to create his Obama campaign (www.gotellmama.org) after a serious bike accident in 2006. His six week recovery period in hospital inspired him to re-evaluate what he wanted to do with his life. He realized that his goal was to support Barack Obama. Ray felt that “on the road to the White House, this atypical candidate would require a fresh approach”. When he got home, he took a TIME magazine cover as inspiration and created a portrait of Obama above the words “The Dream”. The response from his friends was unanimously positive, and it wasn’t long until he started printing them up by the thousands. With a little help from a wheat paste recipe on his website, his guerrilla street propaganda has taken on a life of its own, and Ray’s unofficial Obama campaign can now be seen in cities all across the US.

Check out his Obama Car Art for Infectious, and see why he got a cease and desist letter from The Harlem Globetrotters when he first unveiled his design 😉

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