The Obama Car Art Contest

We’ve been proud and excited to see artists all across America rise up and channel their support for Obama through their art. We want to take it one step further – by blowing up the political bumper sticker into something big and beautiful.

Join us in taking all that collective Obama passion to the streets – literally. The average car is seen 3000 times a day… Imagine a car with beautiful Obama art all over it – each car could touch the lives of up to 400,000 people in the run up to the election.

Guest Judges Include:
CRO from GoTellMama
Jon Reiss, the director of Bomb-It

100% of all profits from the Obama Art we sell, will be used to print up more Obama Art that we’ll distribute for free.

Winning designs get:

  • $500
  • 5% of net sales
  • Bomb It DVD and Poster designed by Shepard Fairey.
  • A signed Obama poster from CRO
“Come make some Obama Car Art with Infectious…”

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