The Devil made us do it


We are overjoyed to announce our latest artist to join the crew: hotrod artist Coop. Coop has produced two Car Art series with us – his Iconic Devil Art and a newer character called Lil’ Mort. Coop’s infamous smoking devil motif has appeared on zippo lighters, clothing, condoms, and more … not to mention the cover of his book “Devil’s Advocate: The Art of Coop” and as tattoos on the bodies of his most die-hard fans.. And now you can get Satan and his gorgeous succubi on your car. Coop himself will be one of the first customers: he’s installing his art on his car “Triple D” (pictured below – pre Car Art), which he’s racing in the La Carrera Panamericana in October.

Infectious Opens up…..


Today we’re introducing Infectious Open Submissions, giving anyone the opportunity to become an Infectious artist.

Here’s the deal…

Submitting art is easy.
Download our design template and create your vision of brain sizzling art on cars. When ready, upload your submission and a thumbnail to our website. We pick the best submissions to include in our catalog. There’s no deadline – open submissions is ongoing.

The Booty is good.
If selected, you’ll receive $100, 5% royalties of net sales, $400 of Infectious Car Art, with our favorite submission of the month receiving $500 upfront cash instead of $100.

Infectious plays nice.
We don’t own your art, have a reasonable licensing agreement and we’ll always treat you with love and respect.

Check it out:

It’s Alive!


Today Infectious launches to the world. With a click of a button…

Get in the Cycle lane


New York graffiti artist Cycle is a big fan of Jim Henson. Not only is the puppeteer one of the people that Cycle would most love to go out bombing with, if you check out Cycle’s fine art, he also collages together graffiti and images of Big Bird getting soused and the Cookie Monster getting high. Cartoon references also crop up in one of Cycle’s pieces of Car Art for Infectious. The inspiration for Graff Attack (aka George) came from those exclamation balloons in old Batman comics (“kapow!”) Cycle applied the concept to verbs associated with driving. Are you ready to “whip” and “zoom” in a Cycle art car? Check out some Cycle pictures from our recent photo shoot…