Hands up if you love Car Art

Infectious had its first photo shoot last weekend! Infectious artist Nico Berry corralled a couple of his friends and staff designer Brett to graffiti the backdrop to the shoot on the Friday in the 95 degree heat. Though to be fair the chance to bomb a legal wall didn’t make it that hard to convince them…

Here are Team Infectious’ most memorable moments from the shoot:

1) Infectious artist Erik Otto installing his own artwork.
2) Our upstairs neighbor joining us in his bathrobe for a beer and deciding that Infectious might be the reason for him to go buy a car.
3) Fred wheat-pasting his paper art onto the wall.
4) Some of the scary Latin themed sex toys that got uncovered in the alley before we started the install BBQ.
5) The nine person install of Cycle’s Graff Attack on the BMW X3.
6) Dennis lovingly caressing Fred’s hand after his successful install of Buff Monster’s boobie graphic (Team Infectious isn’t afraid to show affection to each other).
7) It being so hot that we had to put ice-cubes on one of the car hoods to cool it down to finish the install.
8) Piling 16 people onto a Prius for one badass group photo (then having to pound the roof back into shape after the shot. Oops.)

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