A Quickie from Infectious

On a balmy evening, in the shadow of the Bay Bridge, Infectious gave its first sneak preview to the world. The event was Quickie, a mash-up of art, design and burlesque hosted by celebrated design firm IDEO. Infectious was invited, along with Adam Savage from Mythbusters, the founder of Electronic Arts and a seven foot lycra-clad blue bunny rabbit. We took over the driveway and performed live installations to a deep-house soundtrack.

Dalek’s pink space monkeys dazzled on a turquoise vintage Plymouth, Blaine Fontana’s menagerie sat pretty on a white sedan and the head of the IDEO studio drove home with a bunch of MAD’s germs bursting through the white paint job of her minivan. It was an awe-inspiring moment for the Infectious team. For the first time we saw a row of cars customized and beautiful: our vision of cars as canvases coming true before our very eyes. We attracted a bit of attention too: Kevin Kelly, one of the founders of Wired wrote a passionate piece on his blog explaining exactly why his beige generic Suburban is going to be first in line for our soon-to-be-launched Car Art.

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