Posting the first Infectious product!


It may look like just a cardboard envelope, but this package is the first piece of Infectious car art that’s been purchased from our website. Let the adventure begin!

Hands up if you love Car Art


Infectious had its first photo shoot last weekend! Infectious artist Nico Berry corralled a couple of his friends and staff designer Brett to graffiti the backdrop to the shoot on the Friday in the 95 degree heat. Though to be fair the chance to bomb a legal wall didn’t make it that hard to convince them…

Here are Team Infectious’ most memorable moments from the shoot:

1) Infectious artist Erik Otto installing his own artwork.
2) Our upstairs neighbor joining us in his bathrobe for a beer and deciding that Infectious might be the reason for him to go buy a car.
3) Fred wheat-pasting his paper art onto the wall.
4) Some of the scary Latin themed sex toys that got uncovered in the alley before we started the install BBQ.
5) The nine person install of Cycle’s Graff Attack on the BMW X3.
6) Dennis lovingly caressing Fred’s hand after his successful install of Buff Monster’s boobie graphic (Team Infectious isn’t afraid to show affection to each other).
7) It being so hot that we had to put ice-cubes on one of the car hoods to cool it down to finish the install.
8) Piling 16 people onto a Prius for one badass group photo (then having to pound the roof back into shape after the shot. Oops.)

Bandana Funkin’


We’re obsessed with our newest talent, Nico Berry. Nico Berry is obsessed with skating, tagging walls and bandanas. So much so, that he worked for four years at Thrasher skate magazine, he proposed to his wife Sarah with a graffiti piece and created his Infectious Car Art based on the bandana. We recently did an installation of Nico’s “Bandana Funk” piece. Tim, our Founder and Production Manager Dennis donned hazmat suits and swirled the paisleys and skulls across a black BMW (note: pro skills and hazmat suit not required). Nico showed up and signed the piece. Check out the video here.

A Quickie from Infectious


On a balmy evening, in the shadow of the Bay Bridge, Infectious gave its first sneak preview to the world. The event was Quickie, a mash-up of art, design and burlesque hosted by celebrated design firm IDEO. Infectious was invited, along with Adam Savage from Mythbusters, the founder of Electronic Arts and a seven foot lycra-clad blue bunny rabbit. We took over the driveway and performed live installations to a deep-house soundtrack.

Dalek’s pink space monkeys dazzled on a turquoise vintage Plymouth, Blaine Fontana’s menagerie sat pretty on a white sedan and the head of the IDEO studio drove home with a bunch of MAD’s germs bursting through the white paint job of her minivan. It was an awe-inspiring moment for the Infectious team. For the first time we saw a row of cars customized and beautiful: our vision of cars as canvases coming true before our very eyes. We attracted a bit of attention too: Kevin Kelly, one of the founders of Wired wrote a passionate piece on his blog explaining exactly why his beige generic Suburban is going to be first in line for our soon-to-be-launched Car Art.

In the Buff


Infectious salutes Buff Monster! The Buff’s primary canvas is the city of Los Angeles. Here he uses his signature ice cream sundaes, breasts and little winged characters (also called Buff Monsters) as a candy coating for the less glossy surfaces of the City of Angels. LA is also home to the porn industry, and The Buff has been known to paint directly onto the bodies of porn stars at Hustler shoots. He’s also painted a room at the Hotel Des Arts in Infectious’ home town of San Francisco. “It’s the first place I got to design where people would be having sex,” he says. Now Infectious’ newest artist wants to use your car as a canvas where he can create what he describes as his “fun world of ice cream and boobies”.

Dalek Invasion


Nylon Magazine described Dalek’s art as “rivers of blood, psychotic space monkeys, and cigarettes that shoot diamonds which grow eyeballs”. We call it “umm… awesome?” Infectious’ latest founding artist Dalek (aka James Marshall) was a Navy brat and lived in Japan for a while when he was a kid. There was a Japan connection early in his career too, when he worked as the assistant of “superflat” art pioneer Takashi Murakami. But Marshall is more influenced by Britain than Japan: as a fan of Dr Who, he chose the alias Dalek as a homage to The Timelord’s robot enemies from the planet Skaro. He’s also into British cars. If there are any of you out there with a Triumph TR4A, your car is the one Dalek wants to see covered with his Space Monkeys.