Mad about the boy

New Infectious artist MAD (aka Jeremy Madl) is used to working on 3D canvases. It’s his first time working with cars, but normally he sculpts his art into vinyl figures that he sells through Kidrobot and his eBay store. MAD has the most unique college degree we’ve ever heard of: a Batchelor of Fine Arts in Toy Design. For his final project in the plush animal course, he redesigned Tickle Me Elmo into a Frankensteinian “Nightmare on Elmo Street” where you could remove Elmo’s scalp and by pressing his brain, make the body twitch. You can see some of MAD’s obsession with the morbid in his Modern Hero skeleton character that he’s turned into Infectious art – a sort of debonair Mickey Mouse skeleton character. Keep an eye out for his germs piece as well – the way they come popping out of the holes really makes them feel like part of the surface of the car.

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