Blaine Fontana’s Urban Safari

Not only is Blaine Fontana an accomplished artist (check out his “templing” characters on his website), he recently shared with us that he is also a sushi chef and a bonsai tree cultivator. Blaine’s latest obsession, the relationship between animals and urban environments, is the inspiration behind his beautifully graphic car art.

Blaine grew up in Bainbridge Island, WA and started his art education on the streets of Seattle and Portland. After one too many brushes with the law, he hung up his cans and moved onto further education at the Otis College of Art and Design in LA. He did some Art Director stints at Metro Pop magazine and the fashion label Drifter, but now he’s come full circle and is back nesting in Bainbridge Island. We’ll soon be posting an interview with Blaine on his profile page, plus some photos of his studio, where you can check out his random Buddha head and magnificent Dunny.

One Response to Blaine Fontana’s Urban Safari

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