At home with Infectious

We’ve been trying out a few offices over the last year and we’ve finally found a place we want to call home. Infectious HQ is situated on Dore Street in San Francisco. Legend has it that the street is named after an infamous lady of the night who plied her trade there a hundred years ago. Other trivia about our new home: a couple of blocks down from the office is the venue for the Up Your Alley section of Folsom Street Fair, reportedly home to some remarkably public circle jerks. None of the Infectious Team have attended yet, but we’ll be sure to give you an update come next September…

Introducing our San Francisco team (from left to right): Tim, the boss, Konstantin, our tech guru and Joey, the artist relations lady. It may look like junk that Joey is standing in front of, but in our eyes, they are canvases ready to be beautified with vinyl art and hung in our offices.

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