Banksy & Street Art on the auction block…


The UFO Response team vehicle


Spotted driving around the Bay Area… makes me think there is a whole other category of Infectious designs that could be done. Something along the lines of car disguises. What other ‘official cars’ could be created using Infectious?

How it all began : Platero y Yo


For years I have been wanting to create company that turned cars into moving pieces of art and I owe the origin of the idea to my college roommate Mike and a donkey named Platero.

A number of years after graduation Mike was driving a beat up white Honda Civic hatchback. Shortly after purchasing the car, he decided to paint it with a Spanish country landscape based on a favorite book of his “Platero Y Yo.”

So after some searching, Mike convinced a local artist to paint his car with a donkey and Spanish pastoral scene for $1000. The car was named Platero.

Riding around in Platero was an experience. At intersections people would stop and stare. Kids would point and get jump up and down. And nearly every time you got out of the parked car, you would end up in a conversation with someone who was filled with questions.

Riding a round in Platero was just an amazingly unique experience and it made me wonder… Why don’t more people have expressive, unique creative cars?
Well… there are lots of good reasons, like…

  1. You need to find an artist you like and convince them to do the project.
  2. You need to pay an artist a good chunk of money to do the work.
  3. You never know how it will come out, because it is custom work.
  4. And once it is done, if you get tired of it or if you want to sell you car, you’re screwed because it is permanent.

Those are some pretty good reasons. So I started wondering…. what if you could change all that? If you could, would more people drive Plateros?

Infectious was created to answer that question.